Lawton is soon to get a delicious new addition: Chamillion Flavors, an authentic Hawaiian shaved ice shop. With a projected May opening, the new business will be just in time to help locals beat the
summer heat. I spoke with business owner Mitchell Rogers, an enthusiastic young entrepreneur and snow cone aficionado, about his passion project.


“Lawton doesn’t have any snow cone places,” he lamented. “I had to drive to Elgin to get one!”
Rogers has dreamed of having his own snow cone stand since middle school. Growing up, this Lawton native had many fond memories of snow cones. “It was a special place you could go as a kid,” he explained. “The people who worked there were really nice, and you got to be with your family and just relax. That’s what I want to bring back to Lawton; a place for families to take time away from their busy lives and share a moment together.”

In addition to creating a haven for families and a memorable experience for children, Rogers, a Cameron alumni, is eager to create more jobs in town, especially for college students and young people looking for a first job.

Why shaved ice and not snow cones? What’s the difference? Rogers explained that growing up, he
visited Hawaii with his family several times, and there he discovered an even better version of his
favorite dessert.

“Your typical snow cone is made of regular ice cubes, just crushed into smaller pieces,” he explained. “In Hawaii, they have this huge block of ice and shave it off, and it’s soft and fluffy like actual snow. There’s no comparison. It’s so much better.”

Rogers has traveled extensively throughout Hawaii, trying shaved ice on many islands, searching for
the best varieties and learning the secrets of the trade, and he’s bringing this expertise to Lawton.


Chamillion Flavors will feature 10 premium flavors at the soft launch, with more to come as customers make requests. The starting flavors are: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Pineapple, Pina Colada, Watermelon, Grape, Coconut. Root Beer, and Roger’s personal favorite, Tiger’s Blood-an exotic blend of watermelon, strawberry, and coconut.

Chamillion Flavors will be located in Sheridan Square Shopping Center, an ideal location in the center of town. Children who have been shopping all day with parents can get a sweet treat as a reward. Busy parents can get the family together after work and make memories that will last a lifetime. Stop by and experience the flavor sensation!