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Lawton Ok : A Beehive of Activity and Excitement

Lawton, OK  has more than its fair share of events, cultural attractions, and even business opportunities. We are here to help you find out about the latest happenings in Lawton, arguably one of the most diverse places in the United States. In addition provides information about events held in Wichita Falls, Chickasha, Duncan, Altus, and other nearby cities.

Connecting People to Lawton

We take pride in being a locally operated group that has been promoting Lawton for more than 13 years. Given that there are a lot of news sites and social media pages about the city, we primarily focus on the events and business engagements that take place here. On top of listing these events, we also document them by taking photos and videos. Because of our work, we have received the International Festival Committee Award for Media Sponsor.

Our Mission

We strive to highlight the business opportunities and distinctive beauty that Southwest Oklahoma offers. Also, we want to display the hospitality of the community.

There used to be a misconception that there is nothing do to in Lawton. On the contrary, a lot of people go out of their way to drive here so that they can take part in the events and activities. We aim to provide a comprehensive calendar that will serve as a resource for people looking for business and recreation.


Remembering Lawton’s Favorite Daughter: Candice Earley By Charlie Clark

Candi Earley   You'd think it would be easy to write about someone you knew for more than three decades and considered a friend. It is not. Candi, Candice Earley Nolan, passed away Jan. 31, 2019 at the age of 68. There are plenty of people around Lawton, Oklahoma, the place she considered her hometown, who knew her…
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Press Release

Proud Aggie of the Week

Congratulations to Kameron Good, our newest Aggie of the Week!  Kameron, who is from Moore, is a senior majoring in Business Administration and is a member of the Aggie baseball team. Thanks, Kameron, for showing off your Aggie spirit in this Facebook photo!  So how do you become Aggie of the Week?  Take a selfie…
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You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. You are probably familiar with this old adage. My mother had her own version of this adage every time she wanted to drill into our heads the importance of following etiquette rules. “Good manners can cover a multitude of sins”, she used to say. So my…
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