Dedicated and Award-Winning Lawton Information Group

Mission Statement:

To provide a ready resource of information about the activities and services available to the Lawton area. To aid in making known the rich diversity of people and the talents and ideas that are present in this Southwestern part of the state of Oklahoma and Texas around the Red River.

About Us

Early in 2005 Rhonda Little, CPA and Brenda Honn, Webmaster, both Lawtonians, were visiting Dallas where it was possible to find thousands of activities if only one knew where to look. A large local newspaper had developed an online calendar of events that made searching very convenient. In conversation the two Lawtonians mused that it would be great if Lawton had something like that. On further search they discovered that other cities in Oklahoma did have an info spot and so the idea was born.

Instead of searching the many calendars on many sites, the goal was to have one comprehensive calendar of events that would appeal to many categories of interests. Because of the number of smaller cities surrounding Lawton and the closeness of Wichita Falls and Chickasha they decided to include their events as well to round out the possibilities for “something to do” to compete with the huge metropolitan cities of Dallas and Oklahoma City. Therefore visitors within an area about 60 miles circumference from Lawton as the hub can benefit from the information on Over the years many such venues both paper and online have come and gone including social media sites such as the ever popular Facebook, but has been true to its original mission since April 2005 and has added value to the community. Many have expressed appreciation for our up-to-date and informative calendar.



Vera Booker

Vera has been the “Calendar Girl” for 13 years and has developed multiple ways to find out what’s going on. She searches the web, calls and verifies, and has become a member of many mailing lists. She embellishes each event with exciting descriptions to entice the reader. She actually enjoys her work!


Amber Wilkerson

Amber as a young person is keyed into the social media scene and is a welcomed addition for her ability to use Facebook to tie to the larger community of persons that use that large resource. 


Rhonda Little


Brenda Honn

The two Big Idea ladies have kept going thru the years when it was doubtful if an information website was even viable after one or two years. They have developed partnerships with several business to kept the focus on the mission of the website, and to constantly improve it.


Elon Allen


Betsy Battee

These two are the new sales staff that will be connecting with the community to share what has to offer local businesses and non profits.